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C-section birth requires an immense amount of courage and strength, and only a woman and a mother can deal with it in a heroic and admirable way. Here are the truths that only women who have had a C-section know. View more at #FactsPediaIn.

Giving Birth Is A Hard Experience
Just giving birth the natural way is a very harrowing experience. A lot can go wrong. It’s also extremely painful and traumatic, even if everything goes right! But it’s much more serious when a woman needs a c-section. It brings an entire new element into the equation, and with more elements, there is more that can potentially go wrong. Here are some of the things you might not know about a c-section.

No Choice
A lot of the time, a woman is left with no choice but to get a c-section. There may be a complication that requires it, and the doctors tell her to do it. That leaves her with a feeling like she has no control. It can be scary. There is also a strong chance that babies delivered via c-section may have trouble breathing in the future or become injured during the surgery.

All Alone
The woman is completely separated from her friends and family during the procedure. There are no loved ones telling her that everything’s going to be okay, no one to hold her hand. She is alone with her own thoughts, and that can be a very scary thing.

Many Risks
Even if the baby is delivered successfully, there is still a risk of infection to the mother. That means that the mother may wait hours, even days before they can actually hold the baby they just delivered.


Future Pregnancies
Another thing that weighs on the minds of these mothers is the fact that their ability to get pregnant in the future may be affected by c-section births. A woman might plan to have a huge family, only to find out she can only have one child.

Left With A Scar
Another thing that people may not realize is that these moms are left with a huge scar. This will be permanent, and can be depressing for some moms.

Mark Of Love
However, it’s all about how you look at it. You can choose to look at your scar as a mark of pain, or it can be a reminder about the life you brought into the world.

Don’t Worry
If you need a c-section, don’t worry too much. The doctors are professionals and you will be safe, no matter what. And the scar will just be a mark of your bravery!

View more at #FactsPediaIn.

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