10 Youngest Olympians of the time you must know

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The evolution of the Olympic Movement during the 20th and 21st centuries has resulted in several changes to the Olympic Games. Here we have the Youngest Olympians. View more at #FactsPediaIn.

The first Olympics, which got started in ancient Greece, only allowed men to take part. These days, men and women from across the planet compete for Olympic gold. Athletic records have been set, heroes have been made, rivalries formed and even a few tragedies have occurred. Nations have gone at it every four years (with a few exceptions) in both team and individual events for more than a century now. Athletes compete for pride, fame and Olympic glory, and the desire to be the best. Here are a few stories surrounding the history of the Olympics.

Including 10-year-old Dimitrios Loundras, and 15-year-old gold-medalist Tara Lipinski

Tara Lipinski, 15
The famed U.S. skater was 15 when she scored her first gold medal in the Ladies’ Single event in the 1998 Winter Olympics. Lipinski became the youngest person ever to hold the title of U.S., World, and Olympic Champion, and then turned professional at age 15, touring with Champions on Ice and Stars on Ice.

Dominique Moceanu, 14
For gymnastics fans, there are few great sports stories like that of the 1996 U.S. women’s gymnastics team known as The Magnificent Seven. Dominique Moceanu, at age 14, was the youngest member of the seven. Despite an injury that kept her out of individual competition and struggling through team competition, she helped the U.S. team nab the gold, becoming the youngest athlete to win the gold for women’s gymnastics. She was also the youngest athlete ever featured on a Wheaties Box.

Marjorie Gestring, 13
Gestring was 13 years and 268 days old when she competed in the Olympics in Berlin, Germany, in 1936, and helped the U.S. women’s diving team win a gold medal, according to Top End Sports. Gestring continued to compete nationally after the ’36 Olympics, but further Olympic ambitions were thwarted when World War II led to the cancelation of the 1940 and 1944 Olympic games, according to the BBC.

Kim Yun-Mi, 13
In 1994, Kim Yun-Mi of South Korea made Olympic speed-skating history when she competed at the Lillehammer Games at the age of 13. She won the gold in the 3,000-meter relay and became the youngest Olympic champion at the Winter Games, according to Sports Reference.

Donna Elizabeth de Varona, 13
Donna Elizabeth was 13 years and 129 days old when she competed in the 4×100 meter freestyle relay at the 1960 Olympics on the qualifying team, getting the team into the eventual competition where they won the gold.

Inge Sørensen, 12
Inge was the youngest Olympic female medalist in history when she took home the bronze medal in the 200-meter breaststroke competition at the 1936 Olympics, according to the BBC. She then went on to win the gold in 1938.

Luigina Giavotti, Ines Vercesi & Carla Marangoni – Italy
In the 1928 Olympics, Italy sent three young gymnasts to represent it in the Olympics: Luigina Giavotti, who was 11 years and 301 days old, Ines Vercesi, who was 12 years and 99 days old, and Carla Marangoni, who was 12 years and 269 days old.

Dimitrios Loundras, 10
Dimitrios Loundras was one of the first athletes to compete in the Olympic Games when they made their modern debut in 1896. He was 10 years old when he competed in the Summer Olympics in Athens and won a bronze medal with his gymnastics team. He has held the title of youngest Olympic athlete since that time.

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